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Unemployment Rate in India βeta A collaborative effort of BSE & CMIE
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The full sample of 169,215 households is surveyed over a four month period. Therefore, the most comprehensive measure of unemployment can be produced at the end of execution of the survey over all these households. However, the execution of the survey is planned and executed in a manner that enables the estimation of unemployment at a monthly frequency also. The sample size of 42,300 household per month is well distributed over the country to enable the estimation of a monthly unemployment rate.

Further, execution of the monthly sample is well-distributed over rural and urban regions to enable a weekly estimation of unemployment at the all-India level. About 10,600 households are surveyed every week. These yield a sample of about 341,000 individuals for the estimation of weekly unemployment.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to generate a daily unemployment rate since the sample size of about 1,500 households yielding about 4,900 individuals and its distribution does raise the possibility of doing so.

Besides the large sample, technology and precision in execution enable the production of a daily unemployment rates. However, as a matter of caution, we begin with the estimation of a 30-day moving average measure.

We compute the 30-day moving average of unemployment rate in India every day, using the data collected during the preceding 30 days. Detailed description of the survey design, the data file, estimation methodology, the R programs and a sample data file are provided separately to ensure complete transparency.